Customer First
The customer is the god of all employees of all employees regardless of status , and always with a smile face the customer , reflecting the respect and sincerity , while adhering to the principle based on the use of way to treat customers like customers , providing customers with high value-added services , enabling customers to optimize the use of resources . Good balance customer needs and interests of the company , to seek and win-win , attention to customer concerns , providing customers with advice and information to help customers grow .
Sharing sharing, in order to complete the big ego me , willing to share experience and knowledge , and grow together with the team , team ownership , building blocks for the team , work actively with each other, Shiyibuque , fully express their views before making a decision , after making resolutely implement , positive impact on the team, so we actively move in the same direction.
Embrace Change
Breakthrough self , embrace change , the industry is characterized by a deep understanding , convinced that change is in our daily lives , for the company's change seriously consider and fully understand and actively accept and influence and lead colleagues to change the individual impact of rational treatment , effective communication , sincerity cooperation, good at self-regulation at work , with a forward-thinking , the establishment of new methods, new ideas, resulting from changes in the face of setbacks and failures , can be re- adjusted to a more positive attitude into improvements .
Passion for work
Never give up , optimistic, work colleagues and the company is full of love , with a positive attitude to face the changes , difficulties , setbacks and failures , in their daily work constantly self-motivation, self-improvement, self-confidence at all times remain with win determination , optimism in difficult times to influence colleagues and team spirit .
Honored integrity
Honesty , integrity, commitment to magnanimous mind, frankness with others , practice what they preach , succumb to the interests or pressure , the courage to admit mistakes, dare to take responsibility , do not spread unconfirmed news , not behind irresponsible discuss things and people , adhere to the principle of involuntary commitment or compromise , maintaining the company 's interests and reputation .
Professional attitude and mindset to do the usual extraordinary things happened today is not until tomorrow , do not push their own thing to others, continuous learning , and constantly enhance their professional skills and problem-solving skills , do not care about personal gains and losses to teams and company interests, at work can be obtained with a smaller investment and efficient output, follow the workflow , arrange priorities, do the right thing , in particular, to establish a sense of quality and cost consciousness .

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